Director IMC AIC Belarus Dr Bhathiya Karunarathne, First Vice Rector BNTU Heorhi Viarshyna, Director BNTU International Institute of Distance Education Dr Igor Satikov, Executive Director and CEO Gishan Sumanasiri, Executive Director Dr Dharangan Bakthaseelan

American International Campus (AIC) a member of IMC-AIC Education Consortium partnered with Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) of Belarus for Engineering Bachelor's Degree Completion Programmes in Sri Lanka.

AIC with the core competency of providing and facilitating quality education at an affordable cost is a leading transnational education provider operating in Sri Lanka.

The official unveiling of the four-year Engineering Bachelor's Degree programme was held at Cinnamon Grand hotel.

AIC Executive Director and CEO Dr Gishan Sumanasiri said AIC's partnership with a prestigious European state university, BNTU is a landmark in the history of transnational education in Sri Lanka.

“Our partnership with BNTU is a milestone in Sri Lankan education with a global perspective. BNTU today became the first European state university to offer engineering degrees partnering with a private institution operating within Sri Lanka. BNTU is among the top 350 universities in the world.”


Dr.Igor Satikov
BNTU International Institute of Distance Education
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Dr.Dharangan Bakthaseelan, MD
Executive Director/ Director Finance
International Medical Campus ( IMC )
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