The International Educational Centre of BNTU in Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred to as IEC of BNTU) was organized by Belarusian National Technical University, accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and American International Campus (Private) Ltd., registered in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for the purpose of documenting the terms and conditions under which BNTU and AIC shall collaborate in the training of students on the Educational programs of higher education of the 1st degree and the implementation of Educational programs of higher education 2nd degree (the "Master degree Program in the BNTU").

The International Educational Centre of BNTU in Sri Lanka was organized by BNTU and AIC

WHEREAS, BNTU, consistent with its strategic planning process, desires to establish collaborative relationships with educational organizations in other countries in order to offer courses and programmes internationally and within Belarus that are consistent with its mission and purpose, for the benefit of students who want to have different and diversified opportunities to pursue higher education;

WHEREAS, AIC provides educational opportunities to Sri Lankans and other students from the region by offering in Colombo preparatory courses, designed and supervised by accredited universities and institutions from the world, going on with courses abroad in the said universities and institutions, and leading to accredited Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degrees from those universities and institutions from the world;

WHEREAS BNTU desires to collaborate with AIC to offer in Sri Lanka an Educational Program in IEC of BNTU for specialist diploma, leading to the Master degree Program in the BNTU in the Republic of Belarus;

WHEREAS, BNTU appoints AIC as an exclusive academic delivery partner and regional representative of BNTU in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Republic of Maldives to offer an Educational Program in IEC of BNTU.

BNTU and AIC determine what the Undergraduate Engineering Degree Programmes at BNTU IEC are:

- mechanical engineering;
- civil engineering;
- information technology and robotics.


11/15/2016. BNTU signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of education with the firm AIC (Sri Lanka), which showed great interest in training in BNTU students from South Asia in English in the specialties 1-70 02 01 "Industrial and civil construction", 1-36 01 01 "Technology of Mechanical Engineering", 1-53 01 06 "Industrial robots and robotic complexes". It is planned to implement the first set in June 2017.

01/30/2017 A cooperation agreement has been signed between BNTU and American International Campus (Private) Ltd, Sri Lanka, which sets the terms and conditions for cooperation in the education of students in higher education educational programs of the first stage (qualification program - "engineer" in BNTU) in the International Training Center BNTU (ISC BNTU) in Sri Lanka and the implementation of educational programs of higher education of the second stage.

The official opening of the BNTU International Training Center and BNTU's educational programs at AIC American International Campus in Sri Lanka was held on April 24, 2017 at a solemn event organized by AIC American International Campus with the invitation of representatives of the country's leading mass media.

After the solemn ceremony, a press conference and an information seminar for the mass media representatives of the BNTU delegation and the AIC management were held, dedicated to the opening of the BNTU engineering education programs in Sri Lanka. According to the Sri Lankan side, information on the opening of the BNTU engineering education programs in Sri Lanka was broadcast on national television and was published in 8 leading newspapers of the country.

Within the framework of the visit, regular negotiations were held with the leadership of AIC on the nearest plans to start implementing engineering education programs of BNTU in Sri Lanka, prospects and directions for further cooperation. During the talks, an agreement was reached to clarify the list of specialties for which training will be conducted in Sri Lanka, the timing and procedure for accepting documents, the methodology of working with students is specified. There was also expressed a mutual interest in the development of further educational and methodological contacts.

During the visit to Colombo, a meeting with representatives of the University Grant Commission was held. The University Grant Commission, established in 1978, an organization that monitors and coordinates university education in Sri Lanka, sets academic standards, regulates all issues related to higher education in the country. During the meeting, the University Grant Commission previously issued permits for AIC work with foreign universities and for the opening of educational programs of BNTU in Sri Lanka.

On the 26th of April inauguration of engineering educational programs of BNTU took place in the second branch of AIC in Sri Lanka in the city of Kandy. The city of Kandy is the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, which is located about 150 km from the business capital of the country - Colombo.

Analysis of the existing and under construction educational and laboratory facilities of AIC in Colombo showed that the educational process for these specialties can be successfully conducted.

In the course of the talks, AIC representatives expressed a great interest in preparing the first stage of the Sri Lankan specialists in BNTU for higher education programs, who completed the 3-year training course at colleges in the UK. When preparing such specialists, curricula similar to the reduced terms of study in the Republic of Belarus could be applied.

The cost of the educational service is about $ 3,000 per year, 15% of which goes to the BNTU account.

Educational program of higher education of the 1 st stage.

There are training program:

1-36 01 01 "Technology of mechanical engineering";
1-70 02 01 "Industrial and civil construction";
1-53 01 06 "Industrial robots and robotic complexes".

BNTU provides AIC (Sri Lanka) for the organization of training in the ISC BNTU:

- curricula of specialties;
- a list of the subjects studied, each of which corresponds to a certain number of credit units (1 credit unit - 36 hours of classroom and independent work);
- training programs.

Teaching staff.

BNTU directs the recruitment and appointment of all teachers who are responsible for teaching the disciplines provided by the Training Program at the ISC BNTU in Sri Lanka by approving their resume and confirmation by the order of the rector about permission to conduct training sessions.

Implementation of the training program.

The duration of the training program for the ISC BNTU in Sri Lanka is 4 years. In one academic year, three trimester is provided including 12 weeks of theoretical training and 2 weeks of examination session each.

The curriculum of the disciplines provides 36 hours of classroom and independent work of students for 1 credit unit. In the trimester of 12 weeks. The audit clock is multiples of 12.

Curriculum also includes practices (Practical Training, Training (Technological), Practical Training: Industrial (1st Design and Technological), Practical Training: Industrial (2nd Design and Technological) Practical Training: Industrial (Pre-Diploma).

In accordance with the curriculum, a diploma project (Diploma project) with a double direction (BNTU-AIC) is organized.

During the examination session, students take examinations and tests in the territory of Sri Lanka, a certification committee, which consists of AIT (Sri Lanka) teachers accredited by BNTU and representatives of the BNTU faculty in writing.

There is also ongoing monitoring of academic performance after each month of teaching by the faculty of AIC (Sri Lanka) by writing current control slices with the organization of video control (remotely) with the help of information technology.

Final certification of students in the form of a state examination in the specialty and protection of the diploma project (State examinations, State examination (Diploma)) is carried out at the BNTU with the participation of the State Examination Commissions of AIC representatives (by agreement of the parties).